Digital Compass

Digital Compass is an emerging technology tool that helps kids learn the fundamentals of digital citizenship and literacy through playing interactive games. These games provide a simulation of the digital world we live in today and provides the kids with an understanding of the potential impact of creating digital identities. Digital Compass is a web based tool what will soon be available on mobile devices. Games start by providing kids with a short introduction to the game, followed by prompting them to select a character and dive right into the game. Students create a story for their selected character engaging in a multitude of thinking and conceptual skills along the way. Students must strategically think about how they are going to create a good digital path for their character, solving unexpected problems and how to anticipate potential risks.

I selected this technology because as I stated in my discussion post for the course, I believe digital literacy is the most important of the digital citizenship themes. This tool appears to provide an excellent learning environment to teach kids digital literacy.

Although this technology is designed for younger students I can see where it would be effective in an adult learning environment with students that have little to no technological skills. For example, career individuals that return to school to learn technical skills to keep their job or get promoted.



One thought on “Digital Compass

  1. I like this a lot! The link to the website allowed me to see the creativity it allows for while increasing awareness in the user and can be begun at a young age so the child learn while they grow! It would be great if parents were more aware of these types of programs to assist their child’s use and I agree that there is an opportunity here to adapt it for use in the older students.


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