This technology engages students in the classroom, on their mobile devices or in the home through the use of animated movies, learning games, interactive quizzes, concept mapping and much more. This technology covers a multitude of school subject areas and is mapped to the common core standards and aligned with academic standards. BrainPOP can also be utilized in a multitude of educational settings: blended, flipped and traditional classrooms in addition to supporting individual, group and entire class learning. Also, BrainPOP is ideal for mobile learning and can be very effective in BYOD classrooms.

I really liked the videos available that cover topics such as netiquette, social media, cyber bullying, online safety, and much more. Videos were short, easy to follow and understand, and engaging. I chose netiquette because this seems to be a topic that is in all educational policies however rarely spoken about. It is my belief that it is often assumed that all technology users understand proper netiquette therefore there is little need to review the standards.

BrainPOP is an excellent tool that could be used in the form of short training modules during breaks or lunch in the office.



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