Wimba Classrooms

Wimba technology enables instructors to create a virtual classroom specifically designed for distance education. It allows instructors to create a fully-featured live virtual classroom utilizing a content area within Blackboard. This technology supports features such as audio, video, application sharing, content display and electronic whiteboard. Most instructors believe live, synchronous, and personal interaction are the most crucial component of teaching and learning. Wimba enables teachers and students to experience this type of environment in an online setting through interactive technologies. Wimba classrooms have been meticulously designed to give learners access to their instructors, courses, and content beyond the four walls of traditional classrooms.

I selected this technology because I am one who believes that a synchronous learning environment is important to distant learning. Wimba appears to enable instructors such as myself,to create a live virtual classroom which will enable the all important live interaction between instructors and students to take place.




One thought on “Wimba Classrooms

  1. What a great find! This definitely seems like a promising tool to use for both the online educator and their students. I have become increasingly interested in the field of virtual technology use and this is a great one to pursue more information on.


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