Although Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Blackboard and WebCT, are some of the most widely used LMS, there are options that are less-expensive yet highly effective. For Example, ETUDES Classic was one of the first LMS that pioneered community colleges in California. ETUDES offers easy to use interface for distant learning that has features comparable to Blackboard and actually scores higher than Blackboard in web accessibility.

It is important for distant learning instructors to monitor their student’s success. ETUDES allows instructors to monitor which students need guidance and additional support without having to go through the gradebook data or assignments. Instructors get alerts if and when students are missing in action and with a simple click of a button, instructors can reach out to students.

Also, ETUDES allows instructors to see whether any students are in the class, any new activity since last log on. In addition, open dates, due dates and announcements from all the instructor’s courses can be viewed in only one listing.

As an online instructor this technology peaked my interest because I’m always looking for more efficient methods of teaching online courses. I currently use the E-College LMS as an instructor and Blackboard as a student, it appears that ETUDES may be more conducive to students and instructor online education needs.



One thought on “ETUDES

  1. Nice Job! I have never heard of Etudes. Based on the website it seems to be very similar to Edmodo. There are a lot of new technology out to help make learning and communicating learning easier. I can see many educators implementing Etudes if the cost is not to high due to the fact that there are some free platforms that can do the same thing.


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