Kahoot, officially launched in 2013, is a game-based classroom response system. It can be easily accessed on any device that has a web browser and internet connection. It enables instructors to test student’s knowledge and enhances student engagement in the classroom. Kahoot is based on a loop from “learner to leader,” which encourages students to become leaders through conducting research, creating their own quizzes and then presenting the quizzes to others.

The “learner to leader” loop starts when instructors present their own Kahoot on a topic for students to answer questions. Students then create their own quizzes about the topic by doing research which teaches them more about the topic. Once students create their own Kahoot, they present them to other students thus displaying their leadership skills. Instructors are able to evaluate student’s knowledge about the topic via the quality of questions developed by the student. Kahoot also allows for each quiz created and the scores to be downloaded to the teacher’s profile where they can be saved.




One thought on “Kahoot

  1. What a great app to learn about. Seems like a new and creative way to understand the individual student’s comprehension of a topic! It is also has the added value of being able to be accessed from different portals and that should increase its use by the both teacher and student. Thanks!


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