Biography Comics

Biography Comics is a fascinating emerging technology. It is an app that would be great for teaching students about important, influential or significant people in our culture. This app presents biographies of significant people from our culture in comic book form with clear language and vivid pictures. In addition a great feature of Biography Comics is it allows for a number of activities to be utilized with it. For example, it includes activities for summarizing, visualizing, and vocabulary activities. One feature that I found truly exciting is that once students learn the technique and structure of this app they can create Biography Comics of their own for people in their lives such as parents, friends, family, etc.

This app could enhance the student’s learning environment in any course subject.



2 thoughts on “Biography Comics

  1. This was a new technology for me. I have seen the political comics in newspapers, but never knew of the app. I can see students have a good time as well as gaining knowledge creating comics about important people. I think this was a good technology to introduce.


  2. Hello Dan,

    I’ve never heard of this before and found it interesting. This program seems to introduce younger users to a method of using technology as a learning tool while still educating and retaining their interest. Thanks Paul.


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