Study Blue

Study Blue is an app that allows students to organize class work, store notes, develop and store flashcards, and share materials with other students. It is a mobile app that is accessible from anywhere on a variety of mobile technologies. For example, study blue is accessible on Smartphone’s, so studying can happen anywhere. Also, in addition to enabling students to make flashcards this technology allows students to create their own quizzes, study reminders, and stats on their studying which measure their mastery of the material so that they remain focused.

Study Blue would be highly beneficial to a non-traditional student such as myself. I do not have the time to sit in front of my computer or laptop at my convenience so creating and accessing this information over my phone would really help me in being prepared for my courses.



One thought on “Study Blue

  1. I have never heard of Study Blue. After reviewing your URL posted as well as other site, I can see Study Blue as a very good educational tool. I like the fact that students get the collaboration, networking, and the organization features on Study Blue which is not easily accessible on other media sites.

    Great Post!


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