Lore is a facebook type learning platform that provides students with the ability to create a learning profile, communicate with classmates and instructors, share with one another, discuss course work and presentations, join academic communities and groups, and use synchronous messaging to anyone in their network. This app also allows for document uploading, sharing calendars, and it has a gradebook option. The best part about this app and why it would be more beneficial than Facebook is their interaction with classmates and instructors would be free from the embarrassing photos and posts that take place on Facebook.

It seemed very appropriate that I found this technology due to us discussion social networking in this week’s discussion. A technology such as Lore would definitely be advantages to utilize in education because it appears to be more secure and safer than Facebook.




One thought on “Lore

  1. Daniel,
    Great find! I had not heard of this technology and can definitely appreciate how it may by a more secure choice than Facebook. The link you provided gave a good deal of info on its premise and what the features can do! I am involved in a group working to help increase the education in our homeless population and this may provide a more secure advantage for this than some of the other avenues we were looking at. Many of these individuals are afraid of exposure on a high level and if they felt the application we are using was secure and could maintain their sense of privacy, it could increase the participation.
    Thanks for this info!


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