Simulation Technology

Institutions of higher learning have utilized the traditional form of simulation for years through activities such as role-playing, however simulation based on technology is less widely accepted. A couple of exceptions to this practice is medical school and the aviation industry. Simulation technology actually dates back to the origins of the modern airplane when they would train pilots by sitting them in the glider of a plane while they faced strong winds. Simulation technology was designed to train pilots in a safe, realistic environment. Technology has been utilized as an effective training tool for the military, nuclear energy, and other high-risk industries. High risk industries are not the only institutions or agencies that have adopted simulation technology. Medical schools now routinely integrate simulation technology into their curriculum.

Simulation technology can be an invaluable tool in educating students. It can be integrated into course curriculums for any course. It actively engages students and allows them to practice skill sets and apply what they have learned. Also, it provides valuable flexibility in learning by providing the option of slowing the learning process down or repeating it. It would also provide a safe learning environment and allow students to engage in situations that would otherwise not be safe or cost efficient.



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