Augmented Reality

              A truly remarkable emerging technology is augmented reality (AR). Imagine learning in an environment where paintings come to life and become interactive as they did in the Harry Potter movies. Augmented reality enables educators to create such an environment for the students. AR provides the capability create layers of digital information on top of physical objects that can be viewed using an Android or iOS device. It is widely known that learning deepens when students become interactive and create instead of just reading and listening. AR technology such as Elements 4D and Anatomy 4D allow students to manipulate elements and explore the human anatomy.

AR can be very valuable in an educational setting because it enhances student engagement and enables them to bring their learning to life. This technology could be used for homework lessons. For example, when students scan a homework page they would see a video of their instructor assisting them. It could also be used for word walls, which is students providing definitions to words and putting them on the wall. Another student can then use an AR app and a video of their classmate giving the definition of the word would pop up. AR would be helpful in providing a video overlay that shows how to sign a word or phrase for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Do not assume that AR is just another fad because learning is enhanced when students engage in creating, sharing, interacting, and explaining. This technology appears to be poised for long-term use.



One thought on “Augmented Reality

  1. Hello,
    This is my first time every hearing of this technology. Sound like it is an interesting tool. So it is like a live chat but where the instructor can write on assignments? I bit this would be great for online tutoring programs!

    Nice work!


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