Cloud Computing and Holograms

Cloud Computing

The first emerging technology I would like to discuss is Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is a method of storing and accessing data over the internet instead of using your computer hard drive to store or access information. Storing data on your computer hard drive is considered to be local storage and computing. Cloud Computing is considered to be accessing data or programs over the internet. This type of technology can be utilized anywhere and at anytime with an online connection.

I selected this technology because it is one of the top emerging technologies with approximately 90% of organizations utilizing some form of cloud-based applications. Furthermore, Cloud Computing has the potential to effect great change in online and traditional educational settings.

Cloud computing has resulted in great positive change to education and the immediate benefits are clear. It eliminates the need for expensive textbooks, eliminates learning material that is outdated, eliminates expensive hardware and software, and it reaches more and more diverse students. Cloud computing could effectively incorporated in an educational setting through collaborative projects and homework assignments. Students will be able to work on collaborative projects at their convenience outside of the classroom and access homework which would eliminate the need for teachers to take up class time to assign or go over homework.

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Hologram is an emerging technology that is quickly progressing towards being applied in classroom settings. They are 3-dimensional images formed by laser light beams or other light sources. This technology is still in it’s beginning stages but is identified as an emerging technology that will become more prevalent in the near future. I selected to discuss this technology because it has the potential to increase student interest and engagement by adding vibrancy to the learning process.

Holograms have the potential to impact education through remote collaboration that will give the feeling of face-to-face interaction; allow students to conduct science experiments that would otherwise be too dangerous; allow students to research history in 3-D and allow students to conduct virtual field trips; allow students to design a 3-D project and print in 3-D; and would allow teachers to give lessons a multitude of classrooms in multiple geographical locations at the same time.

Holograms could potentially be incorporated in history lessons by giving the students the ability to take virtual tours of historic sites such as battlefields or castles. It would also be highly beneficial to teachers by allowing them to teach more students at the same time which would ensure consistency of the flow of information.

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3 thoughts on “Cloud Computing and Holograms

  1. My organization recently began using a the cloud so I appreciate your writing on this and it allows for me to learn more about this as a technological resource.
    I found the topic of holograms to be both enlightening and interesting! What a great way to engage the individual using more than one or two senses in the learning process. For individuals who live or work in rural areas or financially cannot perhaps engage in being able to travel to places, this is a great way to bring the experience more alive. I really look forward to follow your blog and learning more.


  2. First, awesome blog. Cloud computing is the perfect emerging technology. I recently made an appointment with a local college and spoke to the V.P. Academic Dean. He identified Google Cloud as one of the emergency technologies the college is utilizing.

    The cloud allows students to access this technology from almost any device, save time and benefits the college or institution. The server does all the heavy lifting, leaving the local server a bit more operating space.


  3. Very interesting Teenz, especially the holograms. You know we watch television and often times do not think of what we are watching as reality. These emerging technologies are being used and have been used for decades, just look at star trek. Good job, I love your blog.



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